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Bettson Slot Machine Spina Colada Review

Slot machines are available in so many different themes, what makes it really hard to pick just one as your favorite. If you are a big fan of vacation, beaches and a lot of tropical cocktails; the Spina Colada Slot Machine is the one you should really try out! Be surrounded by a fresh and sweet environment, thanks to the delicious fruit symbols that have been used in this game. The first impression of Spina Colada is very tasty and interesting at the same time. This game really reminds you at chilling at the beach with a cocktail in your hand. Not a fan of sand? In Spina Colada they are also displaying images of a luxury pool! Start collecting your fruits and maybe you can win your ticket to a tropical paradise! One of our biggest sponsors of this team is etoro. Etoro has always been very generous to us regarding offering of sponsoring money so we were able to develop our games. Forex trading is a good way to make some money on the side but should never be considered a way to make money full-time.

Spina Colada Theme

Spina Colada is a game of software developer Yggdrasil and a huge success within the online casino industry. Spina Colada is named after the famous cocktail, which we all know: Pina Colada, the delicious mix of Rum, Pineapple, Cocos and Ice Cream! While playing this slot machine, you will be located in a tropical beach bar, surrounded with the happy voices of other people. In the intro you will already see some cocktails and splashy, dynamic animations which instantly creates a summer feeling during a vacation. Pieces of fruits and refreshing cocktails are representing the playing symbols, which fits the concept perfectly. The background music is tropical and happy at the same time, it is not distracting which is perfect for focussed, serious players.

Spina Colada Slot Features

This game contains a lot of interesting bonus features, which will definitely increase your amount of cash. There are 4 different bonus features which can appear during the game; 2nd Chance Feature, Full Line Feature, Extra Wilds Feature and Guaranteed Win x3 Feature. By collecting bottle caps, you will be able to get access to one of the bonuses. If you collect four bottle caps, you will receive a really nice free spin bonus! The Spina Colada wild symbol represents the wild symbol and can be used as a joker.

Our Take on Spina Colada

Spina Colada is a refreshing, happy game with a lot of bonus features in it. Yggdrasil really made an effort by designing animations of high quality during the intro. The introduction of the game is fun to watch and made us very interested in playing the actual game. Spina Colada can be played at popular online casinos such as Bettson. If you sign up, you will receive a nice welcome bonus which you can use for your first Spina Colada game adventure! Already registered at Bettson? Then you should regularly take a look at their promotions, because they offer a lot of interesting free spin deals to their frequent players.
Spina Colada is a great success and we can play it non stop without getting bored! Just give it a go and discover the world of cocktails through this amazing slot machine game. The game is also very popular in Thailand and a lot of players have won a great amount in the Thai casinos, if you want to have a look at the most popular online casinos, you can do that here:  เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์ยอดนิยม

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Secret of Atlantis Casino Slot

Are you ready to take a dive into a world of underwater gambling fun? Then put on your flippers and swim with the mermaids to discover the Secret of Atlantis. This fun online game offers a variety of slot machine fun that makes it well worth the time of anyone who wants to have fun with slots or who is looking to make real cash.

Secret of Atlantis Theme
If you’re into underwater adventure fun, Secret of Atlantis is the game for you. Its underwater theme, which features an engaging introduction showing off a gorgeous underwater city, is fully executed and beautiful to experience. Each symbol is a unique underwater creature, such as a crab or an oyster, making this game very closely knit to its concept.

Sound effects include fish swimming, bubbling water, the swishing tail of the beautiful mermaid guide, and appropriate underwater music. It’s very easy to get caught in the simple colors and excitement of this game while playing. Fans of The Little Mermaid or those who simply love underwater life will fall in love with this game.

Available at Netent, it can also be played at other online casinos like Betsson and Mr. Green. Free spins no deposit bonus mode lets you use digital currency to play for fun while real mode gives you the chance to invest real money and cash out on the big bucks.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Netent typically does a good job with its betting options and Secret of Atlantis is no different. You can bet up to 200 on up to 10 different lines. Fun players start out with 5,000 and can tweak their bet amount from 0.10 per line to 1.00.

Max Bet”allows them to just bet as much as possible every time while “Auto Play” sets up automatically play. All in all, a typical Netent set up and one that is easy to control and adaptable for your betting needs.

Secret of Atlantis Slot Features
Gameplay in Secret of Atlantis is a five-reel, four-row, and 40-line variety that allows a variety of possible winning combinations. Beyond matching 3,4, and 5 icons to win, you can also use the Highlight feature to spot specific tiles, Nudge Wilds to activate the bonus round, Colossal Re-Spins, and Win Both Ways. Three options make it possible to win and win big.

During play, there will also be a mermaid character appealing sporadically who stretches over the middle three vertical reels. When she shows up, she will help you complete winning sequences. She can be substituted for any other icon when she appears, making her a useful tile to roll.

Our Take on Secret of Atlantis
Our resident Ariel fan went nuts over this game because it tapped into her inner fantasies about mermaids, Atlantis, and she couldn’t stop playing this game. The rest of us really enjoyed diving in and trying to win some pearls alongside the gold. Try it out by clicking on the link above: you’ll dive right in and love it, we promise.

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Gonzo’s Quest Internet Casino Game

Online slot machines are as much fun as trading cfd. Online slot machines are a fun way to engage in the world of gambling without leaving your home. There are many options from which you can choose and Gonzo’s Quest joins the fray as a fun, graphically engaging, and well-considered game. Here’s what you need to know about this BGO Casino and Mr. Green slot game.

Theme Of Gonzo’s Quest
Gonzo’s Quest has what can be called a conquistador theme, one that is expanded on both graphically and in the sound design. When you load the game, a nicely drawn and animated introduction shows Gonzo the conquistador grabbing a map and heading off to go find the city of gold. This is a fun way to introduce the game and it gives it a feeling of adventure that creates an engaging atmosphere that quickly draws in the player.

To meet this theme, there are a variety of graphical tweaks that make this game feel like a wild search for the long-lost City of Gold. Gonzo himself stands to the left of the screen and watches the progress of your spins. This is a nice touch because it makes the player feel like each spin is important.

Gonzo is nicely drawn and animated and will react to each spin with excitement or disgust, depending on how the roll goes. The symbols are designed to match ancient Aztec symbols, including various masks and animal features. The sounds consist of jungle noises and deep chanting that create a more immersive and engaging atmosphere.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Betting options for Gonzo’s Quest fall in line with NetEnt’s typical design. Free spins casino bonus mode start out with 5,000 and bets can be increased from one line up to five. Coin value can be increased from 0.10 to 0.50 by clicking the + and – buttons near the coin value display.

Players can click the spin button to get started, hit Max Bet to bet the maximum amount on every roll, or AutoPlay to set up a number of spins that allows them to go do something else while the game plays itself.

Gonzo Quest Features
Beyond the easy-to-control betting system is the unique Avalanche system that helps increase your chances of winning big. How does this work? When you spin, the game tiles are replaced by brand new ones. Any matches are then immediately scored out and broken apart inside the game board.

When these tiles disappear, the tiles above them will avalanche downward. Now any new matches created on the lines (you really need to bet all of them for the maximum payoff chances) will be scored out in the same way. As a result, it is possible to get tumble into huge payoffs with each roll.

Our Take on Gonzo’s Quest
This game was simply a blast to play. Pretending to be a conquistador and looking for the city of gold was a fun bit of role-playing. Every time we rolled, we felt like we were on a fun adventure, which made the game a little more fun than usual. If you are interested in trying the game out for free, please click the link above to get started.


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Subtopia Online Casino Slot Game

You just wandered into a world of pure fun with this game. Subtopia takes you on a journey in the underwater world. You will not meet Aquaman, but you will get to do so much more. There are multipliers to increase your payouts, free rounds to be offered, and a ton of other prizes to be won. The interface of the game is very interactive and very easy to use.

The Wonderful World of Subtopia

The payout percentage for this video slot game is 96.1 per cent. With five reels and a maximum of 20 pay lines, the game features free spins, a multiplier metre, scatter symbols, and wild symbols. A line win can be multiplied twice over, or if you are very lucky and very good, five times over.

The wild symbol is a mask, an underwater mask. When is appears on your reels, then your chances of winning have just been increased. It can substitute all other regular game symbols in Subtopia, except multiplier meter symbols and scatter symbols, to create winning combinations.

As for the scatter symbols and free spins, they also increase your winning chances. Scatter symbols, if you get three of more of then to appear on your screen, will open a round of free spins for you to keep on enjoying the game. The free spins round triggers the multipliers meter to appear on the payout table. Once you have the multiplier symbols, get ready to have your winnings multiplied 2 to 6 times over.

You get to choose your coin value; either at 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, or 50 cents. The maximum number of lines you can play are 20, each having ten different levels you can bet on. This comes up to a total of 200 coins per spin that you are allowed to bet. Taking all these values and limits into perspective, you will find that you have a minimum bet value of £0.20, and a maximum bet value of £100.

It is no surprise that this game is a favourite among many players. Most of the top casinos feature this game to attract a good crowd of gamblers to themselves. We are talking casinos by the standards of Mr. Green and BGO casino. These two are juts but examples of the types of casinos that have Subtopia on their slot machines.

Overview of the Subtopia Casino Game

The game lets you customize your screen by adjusting the settings. This is a common feature of all Net Ent games. You can adjust the sound, get your spins to play automatically, adjust the fast spin, then turn the screen on or off, adjust the ambiance sound effects, adjust the quality of the graphics, or even ask for help using the question mark icon. The game is simply unique; you could bury it in billions of other slot machine games – or rather free slot machine games – and players would still want to find it and play it.

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Steam Tower Casino Slot Machine

Get to be a real hero and save the princess stuck at the top of the tower from the dragon! Steam Tower allows you to relive the great 19-century Victorian era that was the peak of industrial design. With Steam Tower, you have a chance to take home as high as 300,000 coins. This is the highest payout yet. You cannot say no to this. The game has a unique and dynamic design with multiple chances of taking those 300,000 coins home. You will get a chance at free spin bonuses, and with an increasing multiplier value, you also get a chance to win additional free spins and bonus cash prizes.

Steam Tower Casino Game Features

With the coin denominations ranging from 0.01 to 1.00, you can play from 15p per spin and go as high as £150 a spin. This video slot game features five reels and unlike the more traditional Net Ent slot games, the more non-progressive video slot Steam Tower has 15 pay lines. With stacked wilds, plus a free spins feature, and an increasing multiplier, the game allows you to climb 16 floors as part of the exciting journey.

Symbols here include a gun, a tower, the hero (that is you), the princess, a dragon’s eye, and high-value cards. The fixed jackpot allows you to win up to 2000 coins if you manage to hit the dragon’s eye five times. The gun is representative of the wild symbol, and it can replace all other symbols so as to create a winning combination for you. The hero represents a stacked wild symbol that allows you to activate the free spins bonus feature, as well as land on the reels when playing a base game. If you make it to the top of the tower before the free spins feature expires, then there is an additional bonus of 1000 coins. This game features, even more, bonus features to help you maximize your payout.

Overview of the Steam Tower Slot Game

Steam Tower is no Piggy Riches or Starburst, but this game adds to the Net Ent portfolio what most players could not live without. It is unique in its way, and yet very simple to play. It brings fun to the table, and half the time, this is all that anyone is looking for. As you struggle to get to the top of that tower, you are driven by the idea that at the end of the game, you will have saved a princess (and who does not want that), and you will have a prize of 300,000 coins to show for it.

You can customize your Steam Tower experience, be it in a desktop browser or a mobile device platform. The highlight of this game is its free spins bonus feature. This feature multiplies the excitement, fun, and the chances you have of taking home the jackpot. You will be able to achieve the maximum payout of 300,000 when you make use of the multipliers feature.

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